My wish is to create beauty that is both timeless and contemporary
is an online website selling Mettes art prints directly to our costumers. We sell wholesale as well to selected vendors.  Our costumers include interior furnishings stores, interior designers and online stores that sell interior and beauty for the home. We sell art prints that are limited and signed as well art prints that are not. 

I design and draw all my artwork which I produce in Denmark. Being a Fashion Designer I always enjoyed working with colours, paying attention to details and to work with high quality materials. My aim is to create beauty that is both timeless, unique and contemporary.

I am inspired by nature, and with the ambition to create a harmonious universe with a contemporary touch, showing my dedication to nature and its amazing shapes, colours and materials. I enjoy designing with a timeless and Scandinavian feel to it- and to create a final product on high quality materials.

I studied at Polimoda in Florence and FIT in New York City, where I graduated as a Fashion Designer in 1996. After my graduation I worked as a Fashion Designer in Denmark, as well as internationally at some of the major fashion houses. I have lived 6 years in Florence, 2 years in New York and 1 ½ years in Paris, where I studied language, culture and fashion.
I speak Italian and English fluently and have a strong working knowledge of French.

My extensive international living experiences and my Danish background continues to influence my designs and my art.