About me

My wish is to create beauty that is both timeless and contemporary

My Dream of Timeless Beauty

To me, art is about creating beauty that is not just modern but also timeless. I enjoy crafting contemporary art imbued with a simple, timeless, Nordic style infused with an international twist. I am often inspired by the Nordic nature, and I hold a heartfelt ambition to create a feminine universe that expresses my devotion to nature and its marvelous forms, colors, and materials.

My Journey and Background

My art and design have been shaped by my experiences and journey. I lived abroad for around ten years, immersing myself in various cultures and styles. I studied languages, pursued my design education, and worked for 6 years in Florence, 2 years in NYC, and 1.5 years in Paris. It was a delightful mix of impressions, experiences, and diverse cultures, now reflected in my art and my tasks as a fashion designer. As a designer, I have witnessed many ideas evolve into finished designs in fashion collections and artworks. My deepest desire is to create beauty that can withstand the test of time while feeling contemporary.

My Works and Art Philosophy

My works are giclée prints, all based on my original paintings and drawings. I have categorized my works into art posters, art cards, Limited Editions, original art works, and children's posters. Many of my pieces are inspired by nature, and I often allow natural elements to integrate into my images. Additionally, I love working with unconventional materials like coffee, soap, and fabric to create unique textures and effects.

Diversity and the Feminine

My art celebrates diversity and brings together the feminine, the Nordic, the present, and nature. Several describe my art as "feminine with a poetic touch," a description I am very proud of.

My international living experiences and my Danish background continues to influence my designs and my art.