Unique design products for your kitchen. Choose from kitchen towels, biodegradable sponges, cutting or serving boards and trays in several sizes and shapes. All products come with a selection of my most popular art prints. Several items are handmade and common to all products is a high quality combined with environmentally friendly and local production. Everything is designed in Denmark and sustainably produced in Sweden.

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Decorate your home with elegant tea towels, cloths, cutting boards and trays from Mette Handberg

At Mette Handberg you will find a unique, Nordic and modern selection of sustainable accessories and design items for your kitchen. Choose from compostable dishcloths free of micro plastic, elegant tea towels, cutting boards and a nice selection of trays, all with selected prints that fit beautifully into the modern indoor and outdoor kitchen. The trays are also suitable for use in the living room and office. Use them to store beautiful things and practical items. Put it on your pouf and create a cozy table. Take it out into the garden and fill it with drinks, snacks and other goodies.


The kitchen collection is produced in Sweden under sustainable and environmentally friendly conditions. All products are made with recyclable and sustainable materials.


When choosing a design for your indoor or outdoor kitchen, there are many considerations associated with it. It must be practical and neat, be usable in several ways, have good durability and not least ooze of sleek design.


Maybe you are looking for a personalized gift for someone you care about. I have made the kitchen collection in contemporary and Nordic design. All products are suitable gift items, for who can not use a nice tea towel, compostable cloths, a tray or a cutting board? The cutting board has a hole at the top, and can be easily and elegantly hung on your wall. Either in the kitchen, or on a tapestry where it creates a nice contrast and 3D effect. If necessary, insert a leather cord to create a natural and organic look. The trays are beautiful both in the kitchen, in the living room or in the office. Use them as a gathering point for smaller objects or to keep track of knick-knacks and pencils on your desk. The smallest tray is perfect as a morning plate, where you can have both a cup of a delicious bun, a piece of fruit, a bowl of porridge or a sinful croissant. The trays are available in several sizes and shapes and with or without cork. The cork is elegant, natural and non-slip. It gives a beautiful and organic effect, and creates a beautiful contrast to the white background color.



All models in the collection are made with the same 5 prints. That is, you can mine and match crosswise. The options are many, whether you are looking for kitchen accessories for yourself, or for a gift. I have many ideas for the birthday gift, Christmas gift, wedding gift or girlfriend gift. As a hostess gift I can recommend a combination of 2 x dishcloths and a tea towel. It is a popular combination that is both unique, elegant and not least practical. The motifs are elegant and in the trend of the time. The features are many and the durability is top notch.

My kitchen collection is produced close by, namely in Sweden. Several things are made by hand and common to all is the great respect for nature. All materials are suitable for recycling and sustainable. The wood used is FSC certified.

The motifs I have chosen to use are among the most popular. These are line drawings and abstract motifs, which you can easily combine for a floral and varied look. For example, buy tea towels with Scribbles and One Line Female, or combine them with Strokes or Sitting Silhouette. The fine line stands in beautiful contrast to the abstract works, which have a fuller expression. There are many opportunities to find the gift for many occasions. Practical, usable and elegant design is an always good combination. If you need inspiration for composition, styling or choice of kitchen accessories, try looking in my catalouge, where you can see how bloggers, customers and I have styled tea towels, dishcloths, trays and cutting boards in different styles. You are also welcome to write me an email if you want help selecting your favorites.

Are you into the simple and Nordic style with line drawings and light motifs? Or do you like to combine it with abstract and slightly more "full-bodied" works. You can choose both, and create your own unique look in the kitchen. The possibilities are many - the choice is up to you :)


Tea towels are not just tea towels. Tea towels have become a delicious detail in the kitchen and show that one's kitchen is part of trend living. Towels must also be of good quality and there must be a large selection. This is something we have a strong focus on. We make sure that there is a large selection of modern colors that suit your kitchen, regardless of whether it is a design kitchen with brands such as Georg Jensen, Ferm Living, Hay, Södahl and other smart lifestyle products. It is wonderfully easy with our range, whether you look at art posters or dishcloths or tea towels. Everything can be ordered online and everything is made locally and in high quality. Dishcloths can actually be washed in the dishes. They do not have to get them in the washing machine like the tea towels. Our style works well with other products from Au Maison or Normann and Copenhagen.

You should not be afraid to mine with older home accessories, because our expression inspires and brings out your own expression and look. You can make different types of decor - some customers hang our cutting board on the wall, therefore there is a hole in the cutting board so it can hang on the wall. Our abstract designs also work with patterned products. Our design is delicious, and you can easily use our tea towel or dishcloth as a chef's tea towel or as a chef's dishcloth. They work great in professional kitchen environments.

Quality is what our customers prefer and want to invest in. Common to all our dishcloths and tea towels is that they are functional and they absorb water. Dishcloths can absorb many times their own weight, and the tea towels can absorb a lot of liquid and both dry quickly. We cook a lot of food in the kitchen, and therefore emphasize a good absorbency and a tea towel and a cloth that dries quickly. Towels and cloths must also be easy to wash and subsequently easy to use. Our bestsellers are primarily the abstract dishcloths, and for tea towels it is more line drawings. You can buy a set with a design of each so you have something for the character of the home.


If you organise a weekend where you gather with friends and family in relaxed conditions, it is a luxury to be able to stand and create delicious meals with inviting designs. It makes the moments more cozy without it having to be a costly affair. Our tea towels, and dishcloths or trays and cutting boards are also a great idea for a hostess gift or small gift for Mother’s Day, Valentines, birthday or Christmas.

Simple design is stylish, and it is the small details that make a big difference. We emphasize beautiful design, functionality and aesthetics. We also use delicious materials that everyone likes. Home textiles and lifestyle products are fused together in a delicious product collection of tea towels, dishcloths, cutting boards and trays.