Ballerina Alba Plisse print

Ballerina girl hand crafted in simple style on gray paper and decorated with pleats and glitter.The poster is beautiful as a series of 3 sisters , but hangs nicely alone as well. The style is feminine and delicate, and the gray shades do well both with children and grown ups. See the example of styling here.

The development of the ballerina images
The ballerina is drawn with a fine black outline and then colored in hand and decorated with gold and details made of fine paper. All four images are handmade and unique- with their own features, color shades and details. The image is made of gray, acid-free paper, and then printed on deliciously powerful art paper. All pictures in the gray ballerina series are signed and numbered 1/100.

Other variants of the ballerina images
I also offer ballet images on white background and decorated with rose petals. They all hang beautifully in the childhood and the adult universe.
See the girls here. If you would like one or more of the ballerina pops with rose petals as originals, feel free to contact me here.

Selection of frame - with or without passe-partout
Children's posters are beautiful both with and without a passe-partout. A passe-partout gives the image an elegant, classy and beautiful frame. Posters also hang out elegantly without passe-partout in frames with a thin profile in black, metal or wood. It creates a clean and nordic look.

Size Variants
The image is in the following sizes:

  • A4
  • A3

The poster is sent without frame - in protected envelope or tube.

Price for 1 52,00 EUR

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